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7 Church Hacks: How to Make the Most of your Worship this Weekend

Whether you are a seasoned church-goer or just considering trying it out, navigating a trip to church can be challenging. Where do I sit? Am I allowed to bring my coffee into the sanctuary? Which translation are they reading? Follow these 7 hacks ...
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3 Simple Ways to Impact the World For Jesus

Evangelism. It’s a scary word. On a scale of 1-10, it’s millennial-having-to-answer-a-phone call scary. We are afraid of embarrassing ourselves, afraid of getting it wrong, afraid of offending someone, and afraid being looked down upon.
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What Defines You?

What defines you? Democrat or Republican? Mac or PC? Batman or Spiderman? Maybe it is the clothes you wear or your favorite team. As a follower of Jesus, your relationship with Him should be your defining characteristic.
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Open the Gift of Joy

Perhaps this Christmas doesn’t seem like a joyful time for you. Some seasons of life just don’t feel joyful.
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Christ at the Door

Have you ever booked a room online, and when you get to the hotel, it’s not at all what you expected? The pictures online don’t seem to be in the same zipcode!
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Christmas Joy

The shepherds were watching their flocks by night. A boring, smelly existence, and it was transformed into a joyous celebration. Because the good news of Christ means joy for the downcast.
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Christmas Peace

The Christmas classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, is the story of how a mean old Grinch devised a plan to halt the most wonderful time of the year.
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Christmas Hope

I love baby names. I even enjoy reading baby name books! Before my wife and I had any children, we had already chosen multiple names. And names are important.
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